Marcy Folding Standard Weight Bench MWB-20100 Review

Essentially, the choice of your workout bench boils down to your needs and penchants. Even so, by considering a few factors, you place yourself in a better position to make an insightful resolution. These include maximum weight capacity, level of portability, flexibility, structural strength, design, and comfort among others.

For any gymnast contemplating investing in a weight bench, a good one should not only be comprehensive and light but also resilient and convenient more so if it is to be installed in a home gym. And that’s where the Marcy Folding Standard Weight Bench MWB-20100 comes in!

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Unique Features Offered

The Marcy MWB-20100 is an advanced weight bench precisely designed with respect to the specific environment and conditions present in a home-based workout session. Inclusive of innovative folding mechanisms, a reinforced heavy-duty steel structure, and quality upholstery, this distinctive bench fully optimized to streamline all of the efficiency and convenience technicalities resulting from exercising in the house such as safety and portability.

A premium fitness machine comprising of a 14 gauge steel frame complete with an ergonomic seat and back pad, Marcy MWB-20100 feels sturdy, comfortable and safe all the time. In addition to that, the package comes with an aesthetically appealing design ultimately producing an attractive and reliable bench perfect for your home gym.

The product is built for seamless and effective full body workouts (comprising both the upper and lower body) and thus comes in with multiple interesting features. Some of the most intriguing specs you will find in this folding weight bench include:

  1. A multi-position seat and back pad

Fascinated by the idea of an all-inclusive fitness bench that you can seamlessly adjust to achieve different exercising angles? If so, you might like to consider this piece of equipment. Marcy MWB-20100 is loaded with an adaptable seat and back pad which can be quickly adjusted by just the touch of a screw.

Its adjusting mechanisms are particularly superior in terms of functionality. To put this into perspective, the seat virtually adjusts independently from the backrest which enables trainers to make precision inclines or declines on each component eventually singling out specific muscles. While this capability is crucial for maximum effectiveness especially for professional bodybuilders, in general, Marcy folding standard weight bench is a perfect alternative for incline, flat and decline chest presses.

  1. Improved versatility

While adjustable seat and backrest is a great bonus for upper body exercises, a great weight bench needs to guarantee its users full body workouts at the comfort of their homes. And Marcy Folding Standard Weight Bench MWB-20100 is precisely designed to deliver that!

First and foremost, the package comprises an effective leg developer feature that allows you to work on your lower limbs. For maximum effectiveness and quick muscle development, this cutting edge fitness tool allows you to add up to a maximum of 100 pounds on the leg developer assessor.

Besides that, Marcy MWB-20100’s extensive feature list also features an adjustable curl pad critical for building strong tone biceps and shoulder muscles. To ensure maximum convenience with other accessories, the arm curl pad can be easily detached and secured on a provisional storage post.

In simple terms, the Marcy Folding Standard Weight Bench MWB-20100 is a comprehensive and versatile package that allows you to focus on each and every muscle on your body ultimately helping you to achieve your dream physique.

  1. Heavy-duty steel structure

Whether a lightweight or a heavy-duty model, every weight bench should guarantee user safety during and after an exercise session. I mean, a good workout bench should be solid enough to withstand your entire weight plus that of the plates.

A picture perfect piece of exercising equipment, the Marcy Folding Standard Weight Bench MWB-20100 is one of the few in the industry that pledges optimal robustness and resilience. This unique product is constructed with a heavy duty structure that comprises of gauge 14 steel tubular bars. In addition to extended base footings for maximum stability, the product can withstand weights not exceeding 600 pounds without any strains or wobbles.

Despite its heavy-duty structure, however, the entire package measures 68.8 by 29.2 by 63.8 inches and weighs just only 70 pounds, ultimately making a perfect fit for your home gym.

  1. An ergonomic design

With an incredibly versatile, fully compact and supremely adjustable design, the Marcy MWB-20100 appears like your dream weight bench. Nevertheless, a good weight bench needs to be comfy as well.

Boasting of high-density 2.5-inch foam padding featuring on both the seat and back pad to ensure optimal support and cushioning. The remarkable upholstery not only feels of premium quality but also

looks outstanding. In culmination of it all, the leg developer function also comes with comfortable roller pads that help reduce physical exertion and fatigue.

In general, Marcy Folding Standard Weight Bench MWB-20100’s designer upholstery feels ultra-comfortable during training sessions and provides full body cushion.

Why Most Shoppers prefer this Foldable Weight Bench

The Marcy Folding Standard Weight Bench MWB-20100 is the ultimate fitness tool meticulously designed to offer you incredible training experiences at the comfort of your house. A piece of affordable fitness equipment, this bench is a good value for your money considering the numerous benefits it offers. One of Amazons Amazon’s top seller, some of the reasons why shoppers love this weight bench includes:

  1. Convenient storage

The bench features proper folding capability such that it lays flat thus greatly enhancing storage.  Additionally, its adjustable arm curl pad is detachable ultimately improving convenience and simplicity during workouts.

  1. Improved flexibility

Inclusive of advanced adjusting mechanisms, the bench allows trainers to perform diverse workout maneuvers as well as focus on precise muscles.

  1. offers additional accessories such as curl storage post and barbell holder
  2. Affordable


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Foldable for convenient storage
  • Comes with a comprehensive leg developer function
  • Detachable and adjustable arm preachers
  • Perfectly padded set and back pad
  • Strong steel frame
  • Comprehensive adjusting mechanisms


  • Not ideal for people above 6 feet

Final Take

A foldable weight bench is an invaluable asset for your home gym and if you are looking for the best option in the industry, Marcy MWB-20100 would be a great choice. Optimized for full body workouts, this machine allows you to comfortably train at the comfort of your home. Above everything, however, the package packs dozens of interesting features and advantages all intended to ensure maximum support, efficiency and effect.

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