Marcy Olympic Weight Bench MD-857 Review

While your training kit is predominantly determined by your needs and penchants, a weight bench is a crucial exercise tool that leaves you no choice. They are essential fitness machines which play an integral role in any bodybuilding program.

First and foremost, weight benches reduce risk of injury and provide a stable, convenient and versatile platform ideal for performing a wide range of workout moves including weight lifts, press-ups among others. For any adult contemplating getting a weight bench, a good one should not only be affordable but also adaptable more so if you are after professional training sessions. And that’s where the Marcy Olympic Weight Bench for Full-Body Workout comes in!

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Unique Features Available

The Marcy Olympic Weight Bench MD-857 is a versatile and affordable tool inclusive of precise geometries and a wide collection of amazing accessories intended to provide full upper and lower body exercise options. Measuring 80″ by 47.5″ by 60″ and weighing 110 pounds, the Marcy Olympic is a picture-perfect weight bench ideal for full body home-based workouts.

This incredible machine guarantees affordability, convenience, and quality services all the time. Some of the outstanding aspects offered include:

  1. Premium steel structure

The Marcy Olympic Weight Bench is designed from heavy-gauge steel structure complete with rugged foam padding to provide a strong and comfy platform. In addition to that, its construction design is solid and stable which ensures maximum support ideal for intense daily workouts!

  1. Multi-purpose leg design

If you are after simple and intuitive weight bench, the Marcy Olympic would be a great choice. The package packs a versatile support mechanism which includes precise geometries for optimum body posture. Precisely, the dual-functioning leg developer comprises of a critical pivot point which ensures proper knee joint alignment with the bolting system. Generally, this enables trainers to focus on particular muscles and guarantee maximum results.

  1. Improved flexibility

Built with an adjustable backrest, seat and bar catch, Marcy Olympic is one of the most flexible weight benches available in the market. While its comprehensive slide track system enables you to effortlessly achieve various elevations for deeper workouts, the adjustable bar catch is a great safety bonus, especially during solo drills.

  1. Weight plate storage posts

Whether a commercial fitness center or a private exercising room located in your house, tidiness is an imperative aspect that helps boost morale and commitment. Apparently, storage can be a real challenge considering how space is s premium commodity nowadays.

Inclusive of a weight plate storage post, the Marcy Olympic Weight Bench for Full-Body Workout will allow you to secure your accessories in anticipation for the next session.

  1. High-density foam padding for improved comfort

The product comes with two inch thick cushions that help reduce fatigue by providing optimal support

What Customers Love about this Weight Bench?

An affordable machine perfect for both compound and isolated exercises, Marcy Olympic Weight Bench MD-857 is surely the ultimate weight bench for your workout plan. But are you still wondering why investing in this equipment is a good idea? Well, as a matter of facts, it’s worth your hard earned cash. It is a top-notch training tool that showers you with dozens of benefits and paybacks.

Some of the reasons why most shoppers prefer this specific machine include:

  1. Availability of additional accessories

The package comes with multiple additional amenities like weight plate storage post, adjustable bar catchers, reverse walk-in squat feature, bicep padding among others.

  1. Easy maintenance

Unlike other weight bench models, Marcy Olympic is a pretty intuitive and easy to service machine. For maintenance purposes, all that is needed is regular greasing on the moving parts and time to time tightening of loose bolts and nuts.

  1. Easy to assemble

Just like any other weight bench, Marcy Olympic is delivered while disassembled. While in other designs fixing the equipment can be a head wrecking process, this model comes with a comprehensive user manual thus greatly streamlining the entire process.

    1. Warrenty

It offers a 2-year guarantee on all the components which makes it a more pleasant bargain. However, this may vary from seller to seller.


  • Durable and sturdy because of its steel structure
  • Comes with a smart design complete with flexible components thus producing an aesthetically appealing bench
  • Accommodates both Olympic and typical sized barbells
  • Seamless assembly process
  • Very stable


  • Operates on a fixed place and lacks folding capability which may complicate the storage process
  • Lower weight capacity

Final Take

Regular workouts are vital to our overall health and having an exercise tool right in your house is a great incentive towards keeping the momentum. While weight benches are the core of any fitness program, finding the best option is important. Designed for maximum versatility and longevity, the Marcy Olympic Weight Bench MD-857 for Full-Body Workout is a picture perfect machine for full body engagement.

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